About us


For over 20 years BrainWaze has successfully worked with motivated clients to bring their visions to reality. Our services of logo design, web development, print production, logo design and sign design and creation have proven extremely successful in transforming our client’s ideas into success.

Working with BrainWaze includes the benefits of management and marketing implementation to ensure your organizations objectives are met and result in customer awareness and satisfaction. We will take you from concept to design. Our expertise extends even beyond the launch or install with our ability to provide continuous management and support services for marketing research and advertising.

Our awards

1st Place Logo Design - Multi-media applications for O’Connell’s restaurant.

Signs of The Times International Design Competition

1st Place for Widow McShea,; 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in assorted design categories

Hoboken Historic Preservation Heritage Awards

Kentucky Colonel:
Honor - joining the ranks of Sir Winston Churchill, Bing Crosby and John Glenn, BrainWaze received the highest honor awarded by the state of Kentucky: KENTUCKY COLONEL for service and leadership as per the design and fabrication of a 12 ft. x 32 ft. mural celebrating the history of the blues for the yearly Blues Festival at Kenlake.  Awarded by the Governor of Kentucky.

Our history


In 1986, I established Hoboken Sign with my wife & partner, Renata.

“Our vision for the studio was to create signs for small businesses that were iconic and memorable. The strategy was to integrate thoughtful typography and powerful visuals that would enhance that business and become memorable icons for customers.”

“These large scale logos were my attempt at expressing the importance of a good working logo in communicating their brand. Fortunately, this work also translated well for stationary, brochures, and the web. The process enabled clients to think about the big picture on how to expand their brand, and with the cross-media ability BrainWaze brought to the table, our clients have received invaluable recognition, and helped us become award winning leaders in the field.”

Ray Guzman


1994 BrainWaze Studio was created with the mission to help small businesses evolve into big businesses. Since its inception BrainWaze Studio has won local and national awards for graphic and sign design. These awards have lead to our creative shop being sought out by successful and mature businesses in the region that are looking to elevate their companies to the next level.


Serving businesses big and small

Our inspiration

Renata Zure Guzman

Renata Zure Guzman, 1955-2009

Renata Zurer Guzman 1955-2009

Wife, Mother, Artist, Designer, gifted Writer and co- founder of BrainWaze Studio.

In managing her design business at BrainWaze, Renata was instrumental at creating the studio to be ever fun, creative and profitable. Good client relationships were integral to the business as well as to our providers.

As a forward thinker she also created the “Brainwazzing” session’s for clients that were more Zen and yoga like for inspiring dynamic visuals and ideas. She took the idea of the brainstorming session much further. Clients really enjoy this experience.

When she was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 she continued to work and produced moving and inspiring speeches for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

In the end she never gave up on her confidence to recognize that which was already within her to never compromise her spirit, her ideas and beliefs.

About our Mentor

Frank Rod

Frank Rod

Frank Rod.

He was a big man with big ideas in his bald head and an exuberant personality.

As a young and exceptionally talented graphic designer during the turbulent and formidable 60’s he pursued work at the creative ad studios on Madison Ave. in the spirit of being one of the “New Americans”.

He studied commercial art at the School of cartoon and arts, now known as The School of Visual Arts.

He had an accomplished portfolio of creative work he created for the established studios.

The ad agencies were then managed & controlled by the established studios who recruited from within their own and the Ivy league schools.  The profession was rapidly changing and demanded new and fresh creative solutions that could speak to the current times. The studios were having a tough time meeting those challenges with their current crop of talent. Frank being a product of that era took the bold step to re-brand himself.

Francisco Rodriguez, became Frank Rod.

With many years experience a prestigious portfolio and a new SELF brand, he was able to launch Creative Ad Ventures, by Frank J. Rod, on Madison Ave.

His client roster included Cosmetic co’s, household products and toy companies: L’Oreal, Proctor & Gamble (Charmin), Ideal Toy to name a few.

His experience and contribution to advertising is a classic American success story.

Below an excerpt from a terrific article By Andrew Cracknell describing the environment Frank Rod was nutured in. Click link below for full article.

The Real Mad Men
By Andrew Cracknell