Ray Guzman is creative director and head designer for BrainWaze studio, headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey. Mr. Guzman’s leads creative teams of designers, thinkers and web developers in crafting creative, logical and budget conscious solutions for a multitude of client challenges.

A successful, award winning artist, designer and entrepreneur whose passion for people, the arts & digital technology have enabled Ray to communicate and work successfully with varied public & private communities.

Cancer Advocate & former caregiver -Member, Men against Breast Cancer. (Working to promote the cause of the Caregiver.) (40% of caregivers in the United States are Men. AARP) Ray has appeared with Steve Adubato, caucus NJ for Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Worked together with Renata Guzman in raising funds for women with no health care coverage in New Jersey, Renase, and a local cancer advocacy group for undocumented women. Ray has committed a percentage of the sale of his paintings to benefit Men against Breast Cancer. (mabc.org) (Rayguzmanstudios.com)