Bob began his career after graduating from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology and although raised a country boy he still moved directly to NYC; quickly landing production and assisting work for top photographers and magazines at the time. Bob’s expertise is broad, while most photographers are limited in one area Bob will photograph a wedding in Mexico one day, and return to NYC the next for an album cover shoot. Surprisingly, Bob says he is not an image taker, “Anyone can just take an image with modern cameras.” Bob refers to image crafting as his game, he does not illuminate an image, he crafts and builds with the tools of light. “One of my strongest influences has been the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, like him I look beyond preconception and think of form and visual story.”

He has spoken at conferences on SEO for small businesses: “We can do all the pretty pictures we want but in the end we are running a business, I embrace that thought and always keep that in mind when working with BrainWaze clients.”